Dongguan Nightlife

- Dongguan is sometimes called the paradise of nightlife. This is probably for the reason that most of the towns in Dongguan owned their own amusement centers. After a day's work, the majority of locals in Dongguan tend to eat later in the night in Cantonese restaurants with family or friends. Eating dim sums and chatting is the best way for locals to have a relax. Therefore, nearly all Cantonese restaurants in Dongguan opening until late at night, thus making them the best places to have a lood at the locals' daily lives. Moreover, if you missed the Cantonese morning tea, it can also be found at night in most of these restaurants.

- Want to soak up the atmosphere of the city completely? The best way is to visit the local bars. Everyday, a large number of businessmen and immigrants will gather here. The ideal place for them to spend the long night in the unacquainted city is a comfortable pub or club. In order to catering to clients' special desires, masses of pubs and clubs have set up. If you would like to have a look at the rich and colorful nightlifeIn the urban area of Dongguan City, the bar street located near the Cultural Square in Dongcheng District cannot be missed, where prised by tourists for its safe environment at night.


 - Hollywood Baby Too


- Pole dancers starts 11:00pm …” announced a fluorescent board. 

This neon-lit bar has been entertaining its clientele for more or less 15 years. Open from 6pm till late into the night, Hollywood Baby Too, adjoined by its sister restaurant Hollywood Tapas, claims the wild years of Dongguan’s bar scene started with it.

- By 9pm on a Friday night, it’s still very empty, and the pole behind us awaits company. Above us is a glass floor which apparently isn’t designed for girls in skirts to walk on. Or is it? 

Some might say this is where dreams go to to die and beer bellies come to grow. But, if you’re in Dongguan on a weekend and looking for a party, pop into Hollywood Baby Too. 

Shop A1001, New World Garden, Dongcheng Zhi Lu, Dongcheng District, Dongguan 东莞市东城区东城支路新世界花园A1001 


 - Xiabafang (下坝坊)


 - A warren of alleys located by a canal, the neighborhood of Xiabafang is dotted with Tibetan-decor bars, live music pubs, coffee shops in wood houses and recently-renovated red-brick restaurants. This is where Dongguan’s Chinese bar-goers flock to on weekends, usually after 9pm as we are told. The Tree House here throws some intoxicating parties, while Qinghua Zuiyue (清花醉月) earns its name for hosting some groovy Chinese bands. 

 - Businesses in Xiabafang aim to attract more visitors through the use of a tried-and-true concept: offering them a taste of the exotic in Dongguan. Walking the alleys, you might see a Himalayan bar, Guns ’n Roses cafe or a Monroe-themed bar. The only thing authentic at Xiabafang may be the food stands set up as night falls hawking local snacks and the chanting from a nearby monastery.


- Xiabafang, Wanjiang District, Dongguan 东莞市万江区下坝坊 

City Guide

- Dongguan Transportations

1. By Air

- At present, there are no direct flights to Dongguan because the city does not build up its own airport. However, it is very convenient for tourists flying to, or from, Dongguan through Guangzhou Airport, only 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) to the north, Shenzhen Airport (SZX) 50 kilometers to south as well as Hong Kong Airport (HKG) and Zhuhai Airport (ZUH), of which are just 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) away. All of these airports have shuttle busses or ferries to Dongguan.


2. By Train

- The vital hub of Guangzhou-Hong Kong Railway is Changping Town of Dongguan City, Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway,  Guangzhou-Shenzhen Paramilitary High-speed Railway, and Beijing-Hong Kong Railway. Nowadays, there are about six railway stations here, two of which are located in Changping Town, Shangkeng Street of Changping Town which is to the east of Dongguan City and Dongguan Eastern Station is located at the City Development zone of Maiyuan Village, Changping Town.


3. By Long-distance Bus

- Dongguan has a highly advances highway system regarded as the best in China. You can take busses from Dongguan to other towns and villages of Dongguan City and also to masses of Provinces in China. The six bus stations built in the urban area of Dongguan City can undoubtedly satisfy any travel needs.There are three large bus stations in Dongguan:
Dongguan Bus, Nancheng Bus Station and The Eastern Bus Station.


4. By Ferry


- Dongguan is the important gateway in southern China since it is located at the estuary of the Pearl River. Humen Port, is a first-class national port. Now, except for the route between Humen Port and Hong Kong International Airport, tourists also can take ferries between Humen Port and China Hong Kong City.


- Dongguan Climate​​​​​​​

The climate of Dongguan is humid subtropical. It lies south of the Tropic of Cancer. The average annual temperature is about 23.3 ℃ and  the annual average rainfall is around 2,042.6 mm, Dongguan has a pleasant mild climate and is rich in varies resources. Resting mainly on hills and deluvial plains, descending from east to west, the city is also partly surrounded by sea with its coastline reaching 115.98 kilometers (inland water routes included). The mild weather all the year round makes Dongguan a famous tourist attraction suitable for visit at any time.

Dongguan Hotels

Dongguan is as a modernized city, the guesthouse lodgings aspect is also very convenient. Has several dozens each kind of hotels, it may be said the scale is completed; Visitors will never worried about putting up for the night. The middle and upscale guesthouse hotel's majority service level and the degree of credit and reputation are good, many upscale guesthouses win tourist's praise by horizontal and the advanced servicing facility as well as providing the acme of perfection the first-class management and the multiplex high-quality service. Regardless of you are like the Chinese meal, the western-style food buffet all can meet your need in here. In hotel KTV, the Disco ballroom, the bar, Sang Nei takes a bath, multi-purpose facility and so on assembly hall, business center can let you feel frequently warm, comfortable. The guesthouse hotel service personnel also is passes through the strict training, can let you have the feeling like bathing in the wind, home away from home feeling. Does increase a kind of affective tone in yours traveling course. But the general small guesthouse, the cafe although not luxurious but neat, are also comfortable. Around each kind of hotels transportation is also convenient, you may according to your need to choose satisfied staying place.


1. Regal Palace Hotel(Jiahua Grand Hotel), Dongguan

It is 2km to the city center and about 5min driving by car; It is 38km to Shenzhen Airport and about 40min driving by car; It is 59km to Guangzhou Airport and about 1 hour driving by car; It is 45km to Pazhou Exhibition Center and about 45 driving by car; It is near to the Guangzhou Modern International Exhibition Center(In Dongguan) and is 10km to the port, about 20mins driving by car. It is also about 2km and 5mins driving by car to the Bus Station - Located in Houjie Town adjacent to the State Road 107, which allows easy access to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai Express Way.


2. Cinese Hotel Dongguan

Traffic: distance from city center 3km, driving need 5 minutes; distance from railway station 50km, driving need 60 minutes; distance from airport 55km, driving need 60 minutes; distance from exhibition center 8km, driving need 8 minutes; distance from port 45km, driving need 50 minutes; distance from long bus station 8 km, driving need 8 minutes. - The Hotel is located at the boundary between Dongguan Road and Guangzhou to Shenzhen High-speed Road. It is north to the Dongguan City and south to the Houjie Town Center.


3. Silverworld Hotel DongGuan

To Shenzhen Bao'an Airport: 60km To Dongguan Railway Station: 25km To Dongguan International Exhibition Center: 30km - Silverworld Hotel locates in Dongguan city. It is within a 5-miniute drive of city centre. It takes only a 50-miniute drive from the hotel to Guangzhou Airport or Shenzhen Airport. Enjoy easy access to highways which will connect you to all major cities( Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen)


4. Sheraton Dongguan Hotel

Enjoy the region's most opulent address for business, entertaining, and shopping pleasures. The hotel just 60 minutes from Shenzhen Huangtian Airport and less than 90 minutes from Guangzhou International Airport. If you'd rather not fly, there is also a 90-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong and Macau. A number of the world's leaders in furniture, electronics, telecommunications, appliance manufacturing, merchandizing, and trade are nearby as well. LOCAL ATTRACTIONS: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center - 3 Kilometers Haiyueyan Park - 5 Kilometers Green World - 8 Kilometers Dongguan International Convention & Exhibition Center - 14 Kilometers Opium War Museum - 16 Kilometers Sea Battle Museum - 16 Kilometers Harbour Plaza Golf Course - 25 Kilometers - The hotel just 30 minutes from Shenzhen Huangtian Airport and less than an hour from Guangzhou International Airport.


5. Parklane Hotel - Dongguan

close to Passenger Port and high-speed road; 20 minutes driving from Shenzhen International airport. - Our hotel is conveniently connected to various transportations available with the waterway at the neighboring ferry terminal and expressways and airways. From our hotel to Hong Kong International Airport or to Guangzhou Airport it both takes just 90 minutes and only 20 minutes to Shenzhen International Airport.


6. Haiyatt Garden Hotel Dongguan

The Haiyatt Garden Hotel –best service apartment in dongguan is ideally located in the heart of Dongguan City, where you can find Business, Entertainment and Shopping Centers, closely to 107 Free-way from Guangzhou to Shenzhen. It is very convenient as there are many deluxe shuttle buses and leading you direct to Hongkong Airport. - The Hotel is a 4-star luxury hotel offering unparalleled personal service with every amenity available to today's most discerning travelers.


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